HVAC system is a both residential and commercial need. Environment affects directly to the working and living style of the people. It may be sound odd but it’s very true that a cool environment has a role in chilling the mood and enhancing the working temperament. If you are a business owner then you must realize that the convenient workplace and soothing environment is all that your employees demand. It enhances their work productivity and appeals the clients as well. At home, an HVAC system helps to exhaust heat and maintain indoor air quality.

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Maintaining Your House and Commercial Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Systems

All machinery demand a cautious care to maintain their work efficiency. The same logic holds true for the commercial and residential HVAC systems. A regular and pre-seasonal maintenance and service can help to run your heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems up to the mark in the long run. Moreover, a seasonal service will help you with lowering utility bills and occurring fewer emergency repairs.
FL Home Repair is a family comfort designed service providing company and has been serving in the field for many years. Our technicians provide up to the levels HVAC plumbing supply in all over Florida. We offer services for installing and repairing HVAC systems of all types and brands.
Types of HVAC Systems
Our HVAC Florida plumbing services deliver emergency repair and new installation services for the following HVAC systems;


A split system is an air conditioning system that separates inside and outside environment by the heat exchanger. It is mainly of two types: mini-split system and central air conditioning. A mini-split system serves to the single or a few rooms of a building. It is best workable for maintaining the temperature of a single room. A central air-conditioning system serves the whole house or a large commercial workplace for cooling purpose. It has the capability to moderate multi-zone temperature.

Packaged Cooling Systems

A packaged cooling system is a single unit having a combination of all the components and capacity that a mini-split or a central air conditioning system possesses. It is placed outside the buildings and has the ability to cool many rooms at a time with its ducted air.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps work same like refrigerators. It is used for cooling and maintaining an indoor temperature of a number of rooms. It can be used for heating purpose too. It has a valve like in refrigerators on reversing which the indoor air is heated.

Chilled Water System

The Chilled water cooling system is not a well-known term for everyone. It is used to chill the indoor temperature. The functioning of a chilled water system is based on the use of water instead of air. In every room, the air handlers are fixed which functions same like traditional air conditioning. The room temperature gets cool when the cold water runs through the cooling coils inside the air handler and the fan air blows to the coils,

Window Air Conditioners

These air conditioners are designed to cool a small area or work space. As the name denotes, these air conditioners are installed in windows.
Packaged Terminal Heat Up
Packaged terminal heat up is a self-contained heating and air conditioning system that is quite similar to the window air conditioners. It goes through a wall and has vents and heat sinks both inside and outside. It can also supply ventilated air only.

Do you require services for repairing HVAC system or want to install a best suitable HVAC system at your home or workplace? FL Home Repair always has best affordable solutions for Florida air conditioning systems. We provide;

  • Heating and air conditioning HVAC plumbing supply
  • Residential and Commercial Installation services for Florida air condition systems
  • Full line maintenance and agreement for HVAC
  • Inspection and consultation services for HVAC
  • Humidity Controlling services
  • Air filter repairing and replacement
  • Energy management monitoring
  • Unit ventilators


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